"Our heartbeats keep us alive, just as beats keep music alive. My heart first discovered music when I was just four-years-old. I saw someone play the piano for the first time and from that moment on, I knew music would be a huge part of my life. Over time, I realized I wanted to share my love of music with others and inspire them to use music as an outlet, a means of self-expression, and a way to convey the message of their hearts to the world. Heartbeats Music Lessons is the product of this realization, sparked by music at a young age. My mission is to create customizable lessons to instill a fundamental joy of music in the hearts of others. I believe my students should be able to from their own goals and dreams as musicians, while forming a strong theoretical and technical background."  

-Caitlin Kellagher



     The creator of Heartbeats Music Lessons, Caitlin Kellagher, has been playing the piano for seventeen years and singing for most of her life. She developed a strong desire to teach music and earned her Bachelor of Music Degree in Music Education, with a concentration in Voice, from West Chester University. She also holds an Instructional I Teaching Certificate in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida. In preparation for teaching music, she studied both the Kodaly and Orff-Schulwerk Methods, World Music, Music Theory, Conducting, and Accompanying. She has always been heavily involved in choir and toured the east coast with West Chester University's elite vocal ensemble. Caitlin taught privately for several years before teaching in the public school system teaching General Music, Piano, and Choir to students from Kindergarten to Eighth Grade. She has also served as a piano accompanist. Caitlin has the knowledge, passion, and experience to help any student reach their goals as a musician in any genre.